Slechts 3,5% tot 5% overdrachtsbelasting
    Geen vermogensheffing van toepassing (box 3)
    Profiteer van een nettorendement van 5% per jaar
    Jaarlijkse afschrijving als aftrekpost voor inkomstenbelasting

Investing in Wilsumer Berge

Professional letting

You will become the owner of a nature house in Park Wilsumer Berge. Your home truly is an investment, and fully geared towards letting. Exception of 2 weeks of private use outside the main season, and last-minute requests. WB operates and looks after the letting of your home in a professional manner. You don't need to do anything for this.

Fully unburdened

De Wilsumer Berge also takes care of maintenance and technical management of the entire park. There is surveillance on and around the park, also when you are not present. This is how we maintain the quality and safety of the park. Renters enjoy a care-free stay in you home. The rent will be paid out to you each quarter. We are always ready for you, in the Netherlands or on location at De Wilsumer Berge.

Reliable partner

De Wilsumer Berge is a growing letting organization. With a unique and contemporary range we quickly find suitable renters. We are a reliable partner that has been operating De Wilsumer Berge for many years. Strong modernization has taken place over the last years, and WB The Valley is the next step in this.

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Legal information

Variable yield

You will buy the home without yield guarantee and let the home through Verhuurbemiddeling WB Resort GmbH. The park covers the majority of the exploitation and letting fees, so you don't have to worry about that. The fees are subtracted from the gross rental income. You will receive the net rental income from Verhuurbemiddeling each quarter.



The plots are given out based on a 10-year lease. As owner of a 'nature lodges' you will lease the associated ground for a period of 10 years. You will pay a certain yearly lease fee. Would you like to pay off the lease? This involves a purchase price of 17x the yearly lease fee.



When buying your home you will be fully guided by us in Dutch. That makes things easy. During your buying procedure, you can always ask us (legal) questions. We also provide, if desired, guidance on taxes by a German tax specialist. They will guide you from the purchase to the yearly tax return and recovering VAT when letting. Since there are some differences between the tax procedures in Germany and the Netherlands, it's great to receive support for this from us as Dutch buyer. So this does not have to be a barrier! We are happy to provide more information about this in a meeting.


Ligging Wilsumer Berge: