Privacy and cookie statement

The privacy policy below applies to all services by, transactions, with, agreements with, and website visits at Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed, located and domiciled in Wilsum, at the address Zum Feriengebiet 1.

Version: 06/17/2022

We respect the privacy of our relations and take care that personal data that is provided to us is treated confidentially at all times. In this document we explain how we do this exactly, which personal data we collect, and for which purposes.

The use of personal data
Through the services we provide, we obtain certain personal data of our relations, guests, and visitors. We only save and use the personal data that is directly provided by our relations, guests, and visitors, in the context of the service requested by our relations, guests, and visitors (for example, entering an agreement). We will not use the obtained personal data for other purposes, unless we have received prior permission or are allowed or required by law to do so.

Purposes of use
In order to service our relations, guests, and visitors in the best possible way, Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed has to store personal data in some cases. Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed uses personal data for:

  • Customer relations;
  • Execution of agreements, transactions, and services;
  • Use of our website functionalities;
  • Determination of strategy and policy;

If need be, uncover wrongful conduct related to Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed, its relations, and its employees.

Description of the personal data
For the purposes stated above we may process the following personal data:

  • Personal address;
  • Gender;
  • Partner, children, travel group;
  • Email address;
  • (Mobile) phone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Identification document number;
  • Technical browser information;
  • Cookie ID.

Storage periods
We do not store the personal data for periods longer than required for the purposes stated in this privacy and cookie statement.

Confidentiality & provision to third parties
We treat all personal data confidentially. We do not provide third parties with the personal data we collect for direct marketing purposes. Data can be provided to third parties if this involves bookings with affiliated partners of Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed.
Furthermore, we will not provide the received personal data to other parties unless prior permission has been given by the person in question, this is necessary in the context of executing the agreement, or we are allowed or required by law to do this.

Data protection
Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed utilizes rigorous security procedures to protect the processed data, for instance, to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining unintentional access to this data. We take care that only the required people have access to data and that access to personal data is shielded. Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed has taken suitable technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data.

Our website uses cookies to:

  • Make website functionalities possible and protect the website (technical or functional cookies);
  • Analyze website use and on that basis improve the website (analytical cookies);

Cookies are small information files that can automatically be saved to or read from your device (including a PC, tablet, or smartphone) when visiting a website. This occurs through the web browser on the device. The information a cookie acquires on your website use can be transferred to private secure servers of Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed, or those of a third party.

Technical or functional cookies
The main goal of cookies is to save a visitor time and effort. For example, if a visitor modifies a web page to personal preference or navigates through a website, the chosen settings and preferences are saved for future use through cookies. If the visitor visits the website again at a later time, the data entered previously can be recovered through the cookies, so the user can easily again use the functionalities of the website as previously set . We use the following technical cookies:

  • Session cookies
  • Permanent cookies

Analytical cookies
Additionally, our website uses cookies to keep track of statistics. This provides us insights into the use of our website and the effectiveness of our campaigns. Among others, we use the following analytical cookies:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Hotjar;

Turning cookies on and off
Everyone can choose whether to accept cookies upon visiting our website. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but most browser settings offer the option to not automatically accept cookies if desired (one can find exact instructions on this through the browser help page). If one chooses to not accept the cookies when visiting our website, it's possible the interactive elements of our website can not be put to full use.

Deletion of cookies
Most cookies have an expiry date. This means they automatically expire after a given period and do not register data on website visits anymore. There is an option to manually remove the cookies before the expiry date has passed (one can find exact instructions on this through the browser help page).

Links to third-party websites
Our internet pages feature links to other websites. This privacy and cookie statement does not apply to third-party websites that have been connected with our website through links. We can not guarantuee that these third parties handle personal data in a reliable or safe manner. Therefore, we advise every visitor to read the privacy policy of these websites before using these websites.

Social Media
Our website uses Social Media connections where information about website use is shared with third parties. Among others, the following website connections are active on our website:

  • Facebook Connect;
  • Instagram.

Legal rights
Anyone can request Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed to provide access to the stored data about them. Anyone can additionally request Wilsumer Berge Vastgoed to modify, move, supplement, or remove this data. You can do so by contacting us through the email address.

Modifications to the privacy and cookie statement
We reserve the right to modify this privacy and cookie statement. Changes will be published on our website. We therefore recommend to regularly consult this policy. A version and date of change of the Privacy and Cookie Statement is listed at the beginning of the document.

Data Protection Authority
We are glad to help anyone if there are complaints about the processing of personal data. Based on privacy law, everyone has the right to file a complaint about our processing of personal data with the Data Protection Authority. We refer to the Data Protection Authority for this. You can easily file a complaint through their website .